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Wapsi Fly Tying Materials

 Furs, Dubbing & Body products

Deer Body Hair

Dyed over Natural. Soft tanned.
Colours - Yellow, Orange, Grey, Golden Brown, Rusty Brown, Red, Green, Dark Brown, Blue, Olive, Purple, Black, Natural Brown


Bleached & Dyed Deer Body Hair

Bleached Cream, Pale Yellow, Bright Orange, Bright Yellow, Bleached Ginger, Bright Red


Deer Belly Hair

Dyed over white. Not tanned.

Colours - White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Bright Green, Olive, Shad Grey, Bright Blue, Fl. Yellow, Fl. Orange, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Pink

Elk Body Hair

Natural in the following colours - Light(Bull), Dark (Cow), Yearling (Bull), Rump, Hock

or dyed in the following colours - Yellow, Orange, Bleached Ginger, Grey, Brown, Red, Green, Olive, Black.


Short and Fine Deer Hair

Excellent for Hoppers, Humpys, Muddlers etc.

Colours - Yellow, Bleached, Grey, Rusty Brown, Olive, Black, Natural


Species Specific Deer Hair

Extra large packets. Each species is different in texture & colour. 

White tail Dark, White tail light, Western Mule.


Bucktails - Pieces or Large Tails

Colours - Natural, Yellow, Orange, Grey, Tan, Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Olive, Purple, Black, Pink, Lavender, Fl. Red, Fl. Yellow, Fl. Orange, Fl. Green, Fl. Fire Orange, Fl. White, Fl. Blue, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Pink, Root Beer, Fl. Cerise


Calf Tail

An extra process leaves our calftails very clean of dye and natural oils. Colours – Nat. Brown, White, Yellow, Orange, Grey, Red, Black

calftail.jpg (13915 bytes)

Hares Mask with Ears

Not cheap, but nice quality.

Colours - Orange, Bleached, Dun, Golden Brown, Rusty Brown, Olive, Black, Natural


Rabbit Grizzly Zonker Strips

Dyed over natural Chincilla Rabbit. Approx 3ft/pkg

Colours - Yellow, Orange, Brown, Olive, Purple, Fl. Chartreuse


Rabbit Strip (Zonker or Cross Cuts)

Natural Colours - White, Ginger, Brown, Chincilla, Charcoal Grey, Mouse Grey

Dyed Colours - Cream, Yellow, Orange, Tan, Golden Brown, Rusty Brown, Red, Leech Red, Green, Dark Brown, Blue, Olive, Purple, Black, Golden Olive, Fl. Red, Fl. Yellow, Fl. Orange, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Pink, Dark Olive


Squirrel Tails

Hand selected prime tails. Beautifully barred.

Natural Grey or Natural Fox

Dyed Colours - Yellow, Orange, Bleached, Tan, Rusty Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Olive, Black, Hot Pink, Fl. Chartreuse.


Squirrel Skin Pieces

Squirrel Fur on the Skin. Colours – Rust Brown, Olive, Black, Nat Grey, Nat Fox, Nat Pine.


Arctic Fox

Soft lively hair. Useful for streamers and Salmon flies.

Colours - White, Yellow, Orange, Grey, Rusty Brown, Red, Green Highlander, Kingfisher Blue, Olive, Purple.


Streamer Hair

6" to 8" natural wool. The fine texture is perfect for small to X-large streamers and tails. Breathes like Marabou

Colours – White, Yellow, Burnt Orange, Tan, Red, Lt. Olive, Kelly Green, Dark Brown, Brown Olive, Purple, Black, Silver Grey, Rust, Saltwater Blue, Fl. Yellow, Fl. Orange, Fl. Blue, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Pink


Stream.jpg (30848 bytes)

Beaver On the Skin

Colours – Bleached, Brown, Olive, Black, Natural



The real thing on the skin (Moose Mane is loose)

Antelope, Caribou, Coyote, Moose Body, Moose Mane, Woodchuck


Mayfly Tails

The ultimate tailing material. Detail with waterproof markers. Treated with Watershed.

Colours – White, Pale Yellow, Tan, Light Dun, Medium Dun, Dark Dun


Para Post Wings

Good for emerger cases, Parachute posts and split wing dry flies. Treated with watershed.

Colours – White, Lt. Grey, Dk Grey, Med Dun

Rabbit Dubbing

In the USA, this is bread and butter dubbing material.

Colours - White, Cream, Yellow, Blue Dun, Grey, Tan, Ginger, Brown, Rusty Brown, Red, Light, Olive, Caddis Green, Green, Olive, Brown Olive, Purple, Cinnamon Caddis, Black, Pink, Amber, Charcoal Grey, Squirrel Belly, Natural, Dark Olive


Awesome ‘Possum Dubbing

Buggy, Buggy, Buggy. Get the idea. A perfect blend of guard hair and soft underfur make this ideal for nymphs.

Colours - Creamy yellow, Orange, Burnt Orange, Bleached Ginger, Dark Dun, Grey, Brown, Rusty Brown, Red, Light Olive, Dark Brown, Olive, Black, Golden Stone, Golden Olive, Natural White, Natural Brown, Dark Olive.


Squirrel Dubbing

80% Squirrel and 20% Rabbit. Easy to dub spikey dubbing.

Colours - Burnt Orange, Bleached Ginger, Brown, Rusty Brown, Green, Dark Brown, Olive, Black, Golden Olive, Natural Grey, Natural Fox, Dark Olive


Camel Dubbing

100% Natural. Fine, Kinky & Strong. Gives tight nymph or dry fly bodies.

Colours - Yellow, Mahogany Brown, Brown, Rusty Brown, Dark Brown, Olive, Cahill Cream, Black, Golden Stone, Sulphur Orange, Adams Grey, Camel, Squirrel Belly, Hendrickson Pink, Dark Olive.


Life Cycle Dubbing

Natural furs combined with special shades of Super Bright designed to imitate the most common insects in a stream


Nymph - Basic Nymph colours in a light to medium texture.
Colours - Light Tan, Tan, Ginger, Brown, Light Olive, Dark Brown, Cahill Cream, Black, Sulphur Orange, Brown Olive, Muskrat, Medium Olive.


Caddis - Bright translucent sparkle in a medium texture.
Colours - Cream, Yellow, Orange, Grey, Ginger, Brown, Light Olive, Pale Green, Bright Green, Green, Olive, Black.


Stonefly - Multi-colour blend extra length and coarseness for body building light highlights.
Colours - Yellow, Brown, Black, Gold


Sow Scud Dubbing

For lifelike sow bugs and scuds, this sparkling blend of possum, Super Brite and Antron is very easy to dub and comes in 18 great colours.

Colours - Light Grey, Tan, Brown, Light Olive, Olive, Amber, Dark Grey, Shrimp Pink, Pearl, Light Sow Bug, Sow Bug, Dark Sow Bug, Bighorn Pink, Bighorn Orange, Dead Orange, Smokey Olive, Rainbow, Dark Olive.


Superfine Dry Fly Dubbing

This is a 1.2 Denier, 1.5" staple synthetic material that has been permanently waterproofed. It makes fantastic tight bodies on dries past size #28. Great hatch matching colours.

Colours - White, Pale Yellow, Blue Dun, Mahogany Brown, Dark Tan, Tan, Brown, Rusty Brown, Caddis Green, Grey Olive, Olive, Brown Olive, Light Cahill, Cinnamon Caddis, Black, March Brown, Amber, Sulphur Orange, Adams Grey, Pale Morning Dun, Pale Evening Dun, Golden Olive, Blue Wing Olive, Callibaetis, Hendrickson Pink, Sulphur Yellow, Fl, Chartreuse.


Antron Dubbing

Wapsi’s Antron is the industry standard. This translucent and reflective trilobal fibre adds sparkle to any fly body. Use by itself, or blend with other dubbings.

Colours - White, Light Yellow, Light Grey, Ginger Variant, Light Olive, Green, Cahill Cream, Dark Stone, Black Gnat, Golden Tan, Chocolate, March Brown, Forest Green, Mint, Golden Stone, Hexagenia, Charcoal Grey, Sand, Chestnut, Rust, Medium Olive, Light Olive Dun, Golden Olive, Olive Damsel, Squirrel Belly, Blue Grass, Hares Ear, Dark Olive.


Angora Goat

Popular as a seal substitute. This coarse spikey fibre has a unique translucency. If you like your flies well picked out, this is the stuff.

Colours - White, Cream, Light Yellow, Yellow, Burnt Orange, Hot Orange, Dun, Ginger, Brown, Red, Claret, Light Olive, Highlander Green, Green, Light Blue, Kingfisher Blue, Olive, Brown Olive, Purple, Black, Cerise, Fiery Brown, Hot Pink, Fl. Red, Fl. Orange, Fl. Fire Orange, Fl. Chartreuse.


Natural Fur Blends

Made of a combination of Natural furs, including Muskrat, Beaver, Australian Opposum and Angora Rabbit.

Muskrat 100%, Beaver 100%, Blends – Cream, Light Olive, Dark Brown, Olive, Black, Red Fox Ginger, Squirrel Belly, Light Hares Ear, Dark Hares Ear, Dark Olive

Dubbing Enhancer

This is the man made ingredient in superbright. The bright short fibres blend easily with any existing dubbing to enhance itwith a lifelike sparkle. Colours – White (Clear), Yellow, Orange, Ginger, Brown, Red, Green, Olive, Purple, Black, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Pink

Dubbing Dispensers

12 Compartment Dispensers loaded with your favourite dubbing. Super quality. Super price. These should be a real winner. Refill product available for all dispensers.

Empty dispenser, Angora Goat, Antron, Antron II, Antron Bright/Steelhead, Possum, Camel, Dubbing Enhancer, Life Cycle Nymph, Life Cycle Caddis, Rabbit, Sow-Scud, Super Fine, Super Fine II, Super Bright, Steelhead Superbright, Squirrel

 Own Brand Capes, Feathers & Fur

Hare’s Mask with Ears
Natural only. For dyed see Wapsi Products


Baby Seal’s Fur

Not Sub. Not Mature. The best quality available. Unfortunately this is not up to the standard of the wonderful stuff once available from Canada, but it is serviceable.
Available as - Claret, Golden Olive, Olive, Orange, Black, Red, Fiery Brown, Green Highlander, Yellow, Natural


Mature Seal’s Fur

Spikey Dubbing. Some try to sell this as the original dubbing. Well It isn’t!. It’s harder to dub than the baby seal’s fur and produces a different effect when on a fly. It is good for really buggy nymphs. Good for blending with softer furs. Sold as a bargain pack of 12 mixed bags



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