Daydreaming in New Hampshire.

(Poem written on completion of Magnificat.)
In an old bar-room
In white cold Dartmouth,

‘Time past and time present
Garlic and sapphires
Fire and rose.’
Poet’s recall, probably?

In the corner
He witnesses the smile.
Seen before somewhere, 
Remembered  from the Pliocene past.

Trinity and Unity;
Diamond and Jon;
An old bookseller;
And a savage bird.

Consolidate your thought patterns Young man
Mind ream the occupant…
 Do you remember?
Marc says:

"I am dead now, you know!"
Not now, he replies…
In the future.
"No such thing!"

But you came back,
"No, stayed on…"
Saw Adam in the garden
Saw Christ on the timber

Saw Columbus and Hitler
"I was away for all that",
Says the twisted smile.
How’s Elizabeth? Surmising!

"I am tired".
Sorry! he thinks to him.
Not wishing to annoy
The ‘Angel…’

God intervened, 
(After an interval.)
The sin was gross,
The atonement perfect.

He catches the thought
"That was me",
He boasts.
That’s why she called it

The ‘wise’ had to die
For your sin, though!
The analogy stumbles.

"OK, OK, so it was a good story?!"
He leaves the bar
Thankful to be alive,
Thankful to have his mind…

Unifex wearily sleeps on
Mutters to himself.
"If it be thy will..."
Remembers Cyndia

It was a good story!
"It was…is…will be…",
Says the smile.
"It was a damn fine story!"

(C)David Spurgeon

Dedicated, with respect, to Julian May


© David Spurgeon. April 1997.

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