A residential development of exceptional quality


 The Lakepoint Park development has been planned with great care and precision by the developers and their professional team. At all stages the developer has been aware that the proper planning and development of these lands could only be achieved in an integrated and comprehensive manner. The overall approach has been dominated by the theme of high quality in every aspect of the project. Detailed care and attention has been paid to the design of the entrances to the developments from the Delvin road and the Dublin road which will include distinctive entry points to the development incorporating walls/pillars and high quality landscaping. the site comprises a total of 18 acres of open space. Over 25% of the detached and semi-detached houses will face onto an area of open space..



The town of Mullingar dates back to Norman times. The Norman influence is still recognisable today by the number of surviving castles and place names. In medieval times it laid claim to being a Borough which gave it the right to hold markets and fairs. It became an important trading centre - and gained a measure of self government when Town Commissioners were appointed in 1856. It has expanded steadily over the past two decades and is now entering a period of renewed growth and prosperity due to its infrastructure, facilities and strategic location.



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