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Feileastram Teo is located in a purpose built set of buildings in Dún Chaoin on the Dingle Peninsula, one of the most picturesque and beautiful parts of Ireand. Dún Chaoin, a rural area, is predominantly Irish-speaking and through the language has an unbroken link with two thousand years of history, culture and literature. All the local people are bilingual in Irish and English. Some people with holiday homes in the area may speak neither of these languages.
Dún Chaoin is situated directly opposite the Great Blasket Island, which island was home to a veritable host of writers and story tellers the better known of whom would probably be Tomás Ó Criomhthain and Peig Sayers, who, in the early part of the 20th century opened up a whole new world through their writings and through the oral literature which they passed on through those writings and through the writings of a large number of Celticists, Folklorists and other scholars to whom they proved a great attraction and a valuable source of study..
These local writers of world renown are, alas, no longer with us but their memory is preserved in a well-appointed and well-conducted visitor centre.
The general area boasts many sites of historical and archaeological interest.
The scenery here is, perhaps the most

below on one side and stone fenced little fields rise up on the other.
The first inhabitants here, 9000 years ago, were hunters and gatherers.
Farming began here 6000 years ago and has continued since. The beauty of sea, offshore islands, cliff (some 700 feet above the sea) and rugged mountain as well as the ever-changing light proves irresistible to painters and artists.

The climate is extremely mild. Snow and frost are rare. The mean January temperature is 7o C. Wild flowers flourish throughout the year - Golden gorse, blood-red fuchsia, massive banks of montbretia and vast expanses of feileastram or yellow flag take their turns with pyramidal orchids, foxglove and meadow sweet etc.

Uncrowded sandy beaches are within easy distance. The nearest and one of the smallest is Com Dhineoil about a mile from An Portán on the Slea Head (Ceann Sléibhe) road.  Over the mountain road, about three miles away is Fionn Trá, a beautiful large and unspoiled beach.
Dún Chaoin itself has a population of a little over one hundred people. This is a rural area that is closely linked to its past. It is not unusual to hear people speak of relatives long since gone and of times when this was a parish of three thousand people

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