Reed Making Classes


Every Piper should be able to make their own reeds, and there are a variety of Classes and Books to help you get started. I strongly recommend Dave Hegarty’s Reedmakers Guidance Manual. Every Piper should have a copy. In fact, many of the questions I am routinely asked at classes are answered in the book.


I give Classes in Reed Making a number of times each Year.

Contact Na Piobairi Uilleann (Piping Links on Homepage) for details of monthly Reed Making Classes in Dublin (September through May).

If you want help online I'll do my best by e-mail. I will consider private tutorials by request, contact me for details.

I've assembled my class notes describing a Handy Method for making Chanter Reeds.  


Reeds by Post

I've had quite a few requests for reeds by post. This can be successful for Chanter Reeds especially if I know the chanter and you have the experience to fit it and make adjustments for pressure/pitch/etc.  In general I much prefer to have the chanter here when making reeds.

Recent requests were for Drone and Regulator Reeds - in cane, elder, mahogany, plastic, and metal. I consider it a waste of time, effort, and money, to make drone/regulator reeds without the instrument, unless I know the Set and you are experienced enough to adjust and fit these reeds (in which case why are you asking me to make them ?).  There is no satisfaction for me in making reeds to specified measures without hearing how those reeds react in your instrument. This is why I am reluctant to accept such commissions.      


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