What a way to kick off the spring season! We arrived at the pub at about 7:45. There was some rain during the day so it was a bit wet- in my opinion, perfect weather to go see David Gray in. Peter Stuart (Dogs Eye View) opened for David and took the stage at about 8:00. He played for about 40 minutes and the crowd was decently receptive to him. With much anticipation, Gray and band took the stage at about 9:00. 

Following hearty cheers he opened his set with "Sail Away" and "White Ladder". By the end of the show he had played the entire album minus the hidden track and the Soft Cell cover.The highlghts of the new songs were "Silver Lining" and "This Years Love" the only song where he took to the keyboard. The initial set included a new song entitled "The Flame Turns Blue". He was vocally and musically on
the mark all night and his stage presence is truely a sight to see. The set included some old
songs "Faster, Sooner, Now" ,"Wisdom" ,"Lead Me Upstairs" , and the sing along inspiring bliss
of "Debauchery". Inbetween songs Gray and Clune kept us laughing during some technical
difficulties. He also played a rousing rendition of "A Century Ends" in which he changed the 
lyric "forge some opposition" to "mutual masturbation" . In my opinion a beautiful touch.

He closed his set with the band with "The Light" the only offering of the night from the album
"Flesh". They left the stage and immediatley we started in with cheers, whistles, screams, and even a chant of "Ole". We were not leaving without some more Gray. He returned to the stage humbly to play 4 more songs. Just Gray and his guitar. He played three new songs, all acoustic, including a beautiful tune by the name of "Twilight". He finished off the evening with "Shine" and that is simply what he did all evening. This was a spiritual experience for all and we can't wait for him to come back to Philly.
Set List... these are in no particular order- these are all the songs he played, i'm just not good at remembering order.

1. Sail Away
2. White Ladder
3. Late Night Radio
4. Faster, Sooner, Now
5. Lead Me Upstairs
6. My Oh My
7. A Century Ends
8. We're Not Right
9. Babylon
10. Please Forgive Me
11. Flame Turns Blue

12. This Years Love
13. Debauchery
14. Wisdom
15. Silver Lining
16. The Light

17. Tidal Wave
18. Twilight
19. Hold On To Me
20. Shine

With thanks to: Kelly McKeown and Steve Schaffer (sssic66@webtv.net)

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