Having been variously described as a cross between Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Neil Finn and Eddie Vedder of all people, David Gray presents himself as a singer with a deep soulful voice and songs of passion and life. From meagre recording beginnings, he has moved through two big record companies, and eventually arrived to where he is now, on a new independent label, making some of his best music ever, and seeming happier than ever. Finally, success is starting to creep up on him, as he spreads his wings further over the UK and then America, Ireland having already championed him as a second son.

Born in Manchester in 1970, David moved to Wales at an early age, where he showed creative instincts from early on. He went to art college, only to realise that the guitar and singing was his real passion (and where he thought the money would be!). His first single was 'Birds Without Wings', which was later featured on his debut, 'A Century Ends'. The album was released in 1993 on Caroline Records to critical acclaim, yet vital radio airplay proved elusive. There was a defining song on this album, however, that would radically affect his direction. It was 'Shine'. The song was played by Irish DJ Donal Dineen on his late-night music TV show, where a growing fan population emerged. Dineen persuaded Gray to come over to Dublin, where he played in Whelans (a traditional music haunt for many a starting band/singer). That was the start of the love affair between David and Ireland, where his music has been welcomed and all of his shows are immediate sell-outs. Unfortunately, 'A Century Ends' is now cut from production, so locating the album may prove difficult in times to come.

After touring, in 1995 David joined up with Virgin and recorded 'Flesh', his second LP. This marked the start of a prosperous collaboration with drummer/bassist/all-around-funny-guy Clune. If you have seen David live, Clune will be the drummer or bassist, or guy in the Hawaiian shirt.
Flesh yielded no singles due to record company problems, a recurring problem for David. The album was promoted by touring America as the opening act for Radiohead, also one of the few British bands making any clear headway in the US market. Today, David has quite a following in America, made up seemingly of half ex-pat Irish and half Americans!
David playing live

1996 brought a new record company, EMI, and a new album, 'Sell Sell Sell'. A more rocking album, this did spawn some singles, including the moderately well-played 'Late Night Radio'. However, it also spawned new record company problems, when EMI collapsed and left David in limbo. This album has now also been deleted and is difficult to find. 

David continued to ply his trade during this trying period, building steadily on his Irish success by continued gigging around, and also in Europe and America. However, his best was still to come.

During a recording hiatus, as he was in-between contracts, David wrote some of his greatest songs, which culminated in the first release on his own label, iht Records, the album 'White Ladder' in 1998 (Irish release=1998; UK=1999). Critically and among fans - both new and old - this was a remarkable record. Retaining his trademark accoustic sound, but combining it with computer samples and drum loops. On the back of this album, David is touring exhaustively, his fan base now growing by the week. He has also contributed songs and starred in the hit British film, 'This Year`s Love', which won him a new audience for his music. The music of David Gray is finally getting the audience it deserved and the coverage it needed. While the road was rocky, David is certainly looking up right now.

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