Virgin Records 1995
Produced by:
Jim Abiss

None - due to record label problems

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1. What are you?
2. The Light
3. Coming Down
Falling Free
5. Made Up My Mind
6. Mystery Of Love
8. New Horizons
Loves Old Song
10. Flesh

About this album
David's second, brilliant album has a prevailing theme of love and romance. The fact that he got married around the time of making this album is perhaps no coincidence. Filled with tender love songs, such as 'Coming Down' and 'Mystery of Love', it is a beautiful, enduring album. Many fans consistently claim Flesh as their favourite, for reasons that ring through.

This album marked the start of David's collaboration with Clune, his drummer. The effect was immediate and long-lasting, as he still writes his songs with him.

Unfortunately, David was going through yet more record label difficulties during this album, which produced no singles, but did bring him over to America, supporting Radiohead on tour. It was then that he gained much of his fanatical support Stateside. 

Currently, Flesh cannot be purchased over the Internet. If it is re-released, or a link becomes available, we will feature it here.





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