Sell Sell Sell:

EMI 1996
Produced by:
David Gray

  • Late Night Radio

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1. Faster, Sooner, Now
2. Late Night Radio
Sell Sell Sell
Hold On To Nothing
Only The Lonely
9. What Am I Doing Wrong?
10. Gutters Full Of Rain

11. Forever Is Tomorrow Is Today

12. Folk Song

About this album
A more rocking album than the previous two, Sell Sell Sell finds David in upbeat form, with a wide ranging, excellent selection of songs.

This album is often maligned in favour of the more relaxed, gentler albums, but unfairly so. It contains some great songs, particularly the radio-friendly Late Night Radio (played to death on Irish radio), and the intricate, sombre Only The Lonely and Smile. David doesn't play many of these songs live any more, which is a pity as they translate very well.

The tongue-in-cheek title is rumoured to be a wish for the album to literally sell sell sell!

Sell Sell Sell can be bought over the Internet - see link on left. 

EMI are considering re-releasing the album to capitalise on David's new found success (they unwittingly deleted it from production several years ago). See the story behind this on the news page. 






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