Birds Without Wings
Released: late 1992
Hut Records (HUTCD 23)
Chart Position: unknown


1. Birds Without Wings
2. L's Song
3. The Light

The first single released by David Gray, on the Caroline Records label. The b-side, 'The Light' went on to feature on the second album, Flesh.

Released: May 2, 1993
Hut Records (HUTCD 27)
Chart Position: unknown


1. Shine
2. Brick Walls
3. The Rice

The song that started it all for David in Ireland. Its popularity attracted him over to play his first Dublin gig, and he never left.

Released: July 4, 1993
Hut Records (HUTCD 32)
Chart Position: unknown



1. Wisdom
2. Lovers
3. 4AM

This was to be the final album single until his third album. This was due to difficulties with his record company during the Flesh period, meaning little or no promotion. 

  Faster Sooner Now
Released: 1996
EMI Records (DPRO-10486)
Chart Position: unknown

1. Faster Sooner Now

This was a one-track American promo  for Sell Sell Sell.

  Late Night Radio
Released: 1996
Hut Records (DPRO-11612)
Chart Position: unknown

1. Late Night Radio

This was a one-track American promo  for Sell Sell Sell.



This Years Love
Released: April 1999
iht Records 
Chart Position: unknown
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1. Thie Years Love
2. Nightblindness
3. Over My Head

This Years Love was featured on the soundtrack to the film of the same name, starring Kathy Burke. David himself even makes an appearance in the film. 'Nightblindness' was included on the US release of White Ladder. Note: this is the original iht release of This Years Love. It was rereleased in the UK in 2000 under EastWest.

Released: July 1999
iht Records 
Chart Position: 20 (Ireland)
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1. Babylon
2. Lead Me Upstairs (live)
3. New Horizons (live)

The video for this great song got less recognition than it deserved, but radio play (especially in Ireland) continued to support the singles. Note: this is the original Babylon single, (aka Babylon II - a radio edit of the album version). The song was rereleased in the UK in 2000, in a slightly different format.

Please Forgive Me
Released: November 1999
iht Records
Chart Position: 12 (Ireland)
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1. Please Forgive Me
2. Please Forgive Me (Paul Hartnoll mix)

The most commercially successful single release from DG since Shine. Gained valuable airplay on UK's Radio 1 and MTV, the video being shown daily. Paul Hartnoll of Orbital, who remixed it is a good friend of David's.

Babylon (re-release)
Released: June 2000
Chart Position: ? (UK)
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1. Babylon
2. Tell Me More Lies
3. Over My Head

The song that changed David Gray's fortunes in the UK. It gained valuable radioplay all over the country as well as on MTV. This is the rerelease of Babylon (aka Babylon III - the first is on the album, the second was the original single). The b-sides are different to the original release.


This Years Love (movie soundtrack)
Released: 1998
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(David Gray tracks:)
This Years Love
Monday Morning

David Gray featured 2 tracks on this hit British film. The title track was released as a single by David - the video of which features footage from the movie. The rest of the album has an impressive line-up too, including the unreleased song from David, 'Monday Morning', and songs from Stereophonics among others.
The film itself is a very funny comedy, with a few hilarious cameo appearances by David himself, as the singer with a pub cabaret band!


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