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In the Shadow of the Steeple - No.4 (published 1994)

Cover llustration: The Bridge, Bennettsbridge

Archbishop William Hayden (1868-1936)
Maeve Cassin...3

Kilfane Church of Ireland
Miriam Williams...8

The "Gardener's" Cottage, Bishopslough
Edward J. Law...19

A Tragedy from 1871: A Study of Stigma. Poverty and Alienation
Marilyn Silverman...25

Dan Kennedy - an Appreciation
Peter Holohan...39

Schools in Tullaherin and Kilfane in the 19th Century
Joe Doyle...41

The Ballad of Cantwell Fada
Ann Dutton...50

Charles Kendal Bushe of Kilmurry (1767-1843)
Seamus Moylan...51

Bennettsbridge in the Old Days
Peggy Walpole...58

The Kilkenny Connections of Somerville and Ross - Part 1
William Murphy...70

Kilfane Forge
Marie Heskin...90

Hurling in Mong
Walter Walsh...92

Duchas Primary Schools' Folklore Competition 1994
Joe Doyle (competition Co-Ordinator)...106

"Kilarny Grange": But What's in a Name?
Eleanor Breen ...115

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On-line articles from: No.1 published in 1987 now out of print