1st Meath (Dunboyne)

Technical Support

Set a new e-mail address at eircom.net

  1. Go to http://www.eircom.net

    and click on  
  2. Term and conditions. 

    Click on "Accept" if you accept the terms and conditions, 
    otherwise, click on "Reject" and you will return to the home page.
  3. Choose "New customer"

    and click on 

  4. Choose FREE

  5. Details for free
    Those details are required to set up a FREE account.
    First Name
    Title (Mr., Miss, etc.)
    Are Code & Telephone number
    How did you obtain your name? Answer: No CD - accessed webpage
    Security (personnal information to allow eircom technitians to identify you when you are calling,
    like your mother's maiden name, etc.)
    Operating System (Windows 98, Windows NT, etc.)
    Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.)
    and click on

  6. Select your email username and password

    and click on "Sumbit"


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