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Irish Air Corps Alouette III, serial 196 (c/n 1153), at Baldonnel on 18 June 2000.
(Photo: Jacob Struben)
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  Irish Helicopters S.61N, EI-CTK (c/n 61489), on the heli deck of the R/V Ramford Viking, summer 2000.
(Photo: Knut Erik Hagen)
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Northern Ireland Civil & Military Helicopters   Foreign Registered Helicopters in the Rep. of Ireland
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Northern Ireland based helicopters are listed here courtesy of Gary Adams, editor, Ulster Air Mail. There are also links to photos of Northern based helicopters.   New! A list of current and recent foreign registered helicopters in the Republic of Ireland.
This aim of this site is to illustrate and present historical data on Irish registered helicopters and autogyros, civilian and military, as well as foreign registered but Irish owned or based helicopters.

A list showing all known civilian (EI-) registrations is also available here.
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