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Frequently Asked Questions

  (last updated July 10th, 2005)

Question: Is a part of
Answer: NO! is a website independent from We are just a couple of guys who realized that there was way too much confusion about how worked, and we decided to create this website to describe our experience with
Question: Is a scam?
Answer: NO! is not a scam. If you follow their instructions closely, and obey all of the rules defined in their Terms & Conditions, you can most certainly receive a free iPod!
Question: Is it really possible to get an iPod totally free?
Answer: YES!   While many of the offers listed at require some sort of payment (typically shipping and handling, or a small fee for a "trial" offer), there are a few offers that are actually totally free. The catch is to cancel your free trial before you get charged a fee.
Question: Can anybody in the world sign up for this offer?
Answer: Yes. This offer is open to a lot of countries. Click here for a list
Question: How can they give out iPods for free?
Answer: Well, because they aren't. It is our understanding that every time some one signs up for an offer, they ( ) receive a commission or payment from the client whose offer was completed. Additionally, relies on the fact that many people will never get 5 referrals to complete an offer. So for all the people out there who could only ever get 1, 2, 3, or 4 people signed up - but never a 5th person - made money. When some one DOES get 5 referrals to sign up and complete an offer, they simply use revenue generated by other users clicking the offer ads to buy you your iPod.
Question: If I sign up will I get tons of spam email?
Answer: POSSIBLY!  While we have not seen an increase in spam email to the account we used to signup at we have heard from people who have seen a significant amount of spam shortly after signing up. Be aware, that by signing up to you agree to their Terms & Conditions which allow them to pass your email address on to other advertisers. So it is certainly possible that you will see an increase in spam to the email account you use to signup at .

If this is a serious concern, we recommend you create a new email account strictly for the purpose of signing up and maintaining your account. Free email accounts are available from Hotmail and Yahoo! Or go to the contact page and i'll send you a gmail invite or two...

Question: Which offer should I choose?
Answer: You should choose an offer you are honestly interested in, and you should complete the requirements stated on the offers page at . If you sign up for an offer, but cancel it before the minimum time period stated on the offers page, you will not be credited for completing the offer.

While everyone wants to find an offer that is totally free, there aren't always totally free offers to choose. does a good job of keeping a very limited amount of totally free offers on their site. We've also found that a lot of the free offers are only active until about noon each day, and are then removed. Also, when people catch on to a certain free offer, the word spreads on the internet, and will eventually remove it.

But keep in mind that can remove credit AT ANY TIME for ANY OFFER you've completed. This is the risk you take by playing around with the free offers, and cancelling it before the 30-day trial is up. strongly suggests that you continue with the offer you selected, beyond the minimum time period.

Question: I signed up for an offer, but it hasn't appeared as completed yet! Why not??
Answer: First, some offers take up to 2 weeks to show up as being completed. Be patient. Wait two weeks from the time you signed up for an offer, and it will most likely appear on your "STATUS" page as being completed.

Secondly, make sure you DO NOT have pop-up blocking enabled on your browser. When you click the offer you are interested in, two things should happen. ONE: a page will open for the offer you clicked on. TWO: a pop-up window from will appear telling you what you need to do to complete the offer, and when it will be credited to your account. If one of these things DOES NOT happen, you must check your internet settings. Signing up for an offer without the two above things happening may result in your offer not being linked properly through . As a result, it may never be credited to your account!!!

Question: I completed an offer three weeks ago, and it still isn't showing up!! Why not??
Answer: If your internet settings are not setup properly, the offer you complete may not link back to properly. If this is the case, cannot credit your account. Try talking to them
Question: Dude, I KNOW I completed an offer, but it's STILL not showing as completed!!
Answer: If you have waited at least 3 weeks, and the offer is still not being shown as completed on your "status" page at , then there is a good chance your offer did not link back properly to . Unfortunately, not much can be done about this.

If you get ANY sort of error page when clicking on an offer, your internet settings are not correct and will not allow the offer to be linked back to . Whatever you do - DO NOT manually type in the website address of the site that has the offer. YOU MUST click the link from for the offer to register properly to your account. If you have any doubt whatsoever about your internet settings, use some one else's computer.

Question: My status page shows many people signed up, but I haven't gotten my iPod yet. Why?
Answer: Because, your referrals must not only sign up, but they must also complete an offer like you did. All of your referrals who signed up will be displayed with a yellow status indicator. As soon as they complete an offer, they will be listed with a green status indicator.

As soon as you have 12 or 14green status indicators, you have completed your referral requirements for and your account will be put in for "review". As soon as your account is approved for completing the referral and offer requirements, you will be sent a brand spankin' new iPod!!

Question: How can I get more referrals for my account?
Answer: The easiest way to get referrals to signup to your account is to post your "personal referral link" on other websites. To get your "personal referral link," log in to your account. On the top menu bar, click the "Refer Friends" link. Your "personal referral link" will appear on this page.

Some good places to post your link include internet message forums, your personal blog site (if you have one), chat rooms, and in email messages to your friends.

Here is an example of a referral link:

If your friends don't trust you that is not a scam, just send them here to our website,, and we'll set them straight!

Question: Can't I just signup with 5 different email accounts?
Answer: While you can try this, we would not recommend it. Even if you decide to use this technique, you'd still have to sign up for 5 separate offers, which could end up being a serious pain in the ass.

Besides, the folks at "review" each account once you have received 5 referrals to make sure each referral completed the offer process legitimately. They want to make sure they haven't been scammed before sending you a $299 iPod. If they have any doubt as to how you received your 5 referrals, your account will be placed on "hold." From what we have heard it is very difficult to get your account out of "hold," and has not been known to be very prompt responding to customer support inquiries.

If you really want a free Ipod, play by rules, and play fair. It may take a long time to get your 5 referrals (if took us 3 months), but it will be well worth it when you get your free iPod in your hands. Don't try to "cheat" the system, because you will most likely only end up having your account suspended.

Question: I got my 5 referrals - I did an offer - now where's my free iPod?!?!
Answer: Once you complete ALL of the requirements, will review your account to make sure everything is legit. Your "status" page will tell you that this period takes 3-5 business days, but we found that it took almost 10 business days (two weeks).

Even after your account is approved, it could take another 2 weeks to receive your iPod. This is because does not keep a large supply of iPods on hand (why would they risk spending thousands of dollars to have iPods sitting around their office? remember - they HOPE you don't get 5 referrals - 'cause that's how they make money). Once your account is approved they will send the order out to their supplier, but if the supplier does not have iPods in stock you will have to wait until they are available. We had to wait another 7 days for our iPod to become available from the supplier.

Once an iPod is available for your account, it will be shipped. We received our iPod via DHL, so we had it 3 days after our "status" page told us that our iPod had shipped.

Overall, it took about 30 days for us to receive our iPod from the time we had completed the requirements. Be patient - it'll eventually show up!

Question: Kick ass - I got my free iPod! What other deals are out there?!?!
Answer: Below is a list of other websites that offer free merchandise for completing online offer and referral programs, similar to the one found at We have reviewed the sites below and found them all to be legitimate offers:



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