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"The Complete Fox" by Les Stocker. (Chatto & Windus Ltd, 1994)

"Fox Family" by Minoru Taketazu. (John Weatherhill, 1979)

"Running With the Fox" by David MacDonald. (Unwin Hyman, 1987)

"The Red Fox" by HG Lloyd. (Batsford, London, 1980)

"Urban Foxes" by Stephen Harris. (Whittet Books, 1986)

"Wild Fox" by Roger Burrows. (David & Charles, 1968)

"Free Spirit, A Brush With a Fox" by Michael Chambers. (Methuan, London, 1990)

"Town Fox, Country Fox" by Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald. (Andre Deutch, 1965)

"Country Foxes" by Hugh Kolb. (Whittet Books, 1996)

"A Fox's Tale" by R. Page. (Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1986)

"The Handbook of British Mammals" by GB Corbet and Stephen Harris. (3rd Edition, Blackwell Publishing, 1991)

"Wild Dogs of the World" by L E Bueler. (Constable, London 1974)

"Rabies and Wildlife" by David MacDonald. (Oxford University Press, 1980)

"The Blood is Wild" by Bridget MacCaskill. (Johnathon Cape, 1995)

Information in all sections compiled and written by Peter Akokan
© Peter Akokan, 1997

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