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The red fox is usually elusive in the countryside and because of its nocturnal habits, it is a very difficult animal to observe. However, much activity can be seen during the day, especially in undisturbed areas. Daytime activity can be at any time of the year but it is usually at its peak during the mating and cubbing season.

In urban areas, daytime activity is a lot less common, except at places such as railway embankments and other no-go areas that may contain plenty of cover and grassland.

Probably the best way of studying foxes in the wild is by the modern method of radio-tracking. Not everyone, though, is a professional field biologist, so in the next few pages I shall explain the best ways, which have worked for me, of studying foxes in the wild by direct observation and other methods. These will help you to get closer to and learn more about this fascinating creature.

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