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Glenor cheese cakes are manufactured and distributed by Glen Foods. These cheesecakes make for a wonderful rich and flavoursome dessert. Ingredients include: Light cream cheese, Biscuit crumb, Jelly, Dairy spread, Water, Cream replacer, Sorbic acid.



Glenor Cheese delight




Glen Foods distribute this deliciously tasty Glenor Garlic Bread. Glenor Garlic Bread is great to serve with pasta and other Italian meals. A family favourite and a great accompaniment to lasagne. Glenor garlic bread is also ideal for barbecues and has an outsanding flavour when toasted.



 Glenor Garlic Bread



Softened butter blended with freshly crushed or minced garlic. The intensity of the garlic flavour is governed by the amount of garlic used and the length of time the garlic is allowed to stand. Glenor garlic butter is ideal for accompanying a broad range of foods including Glenor garlic bread, steaks, or baked potatoes. This product is available in 100g pots and can be found in Super Values and Centras.

Glenor Garlic butter