The Archive will consist of newspaper clippings that I have gathered over the years concerning Glenview Stars and soccer in the Forthill area.







Club News
I will be adding news about the club, match reports and club news



This site is designed to give people an insight to the running of the Club. In the coming weeks I will be adding more photos and information to it.
We have 7 teams the Junior team, U8s, U10s, U14s, U18s, and the girls U14s, and U16s. Our aim is to channel the energy of our youth into sports. This of course would not be possible without a good strong Committee which is what we now have

The club goes back to the early 1900s,and when you look at the gallery you will see a lot of great people most of them from the Forthill area who have played for the club these are the people who started Glenview Stars and their families, sons, grandsons and great grandsons and daughters, who stayed loyal to what their predecessors started and are still are involved and have helped to keep it going since.The third man in the middle row (L to R) of the 1905 picture is Eoin Rooney one of the founders of the team and is my Great Grandfather.
The present set-up was founded in 1995,



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