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I add new photos to the bottom of the photo pages if you're looking for them!


More Photos from Australia and New Zealand including the now famous "Bungy Jumps"


Finally got around to adding photos from New Zealand, Argentina and Brazil and a bit of a travelogue from Argentina. Plenty of links for you armchair travellers.


Had some "technical" problems with the site. Re-Uploaded everything.


Added Photos from Australia Gili Islands and Singapore

27/01/02 Added photos from Gili Islands, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand

26/01/02 Re-scanned all the photos from India and Thailand-Original scanning quality was c**p.

21/01/02 Opened up OZ page.

27/12/01 Added short note from Anne in Bali

30/11/2001 Had to change the hit counter. Lost all previous visitors!!

27/11/2001 Added note from Annie in Hoi An Vietnam

18/11/2001 Added more to the travelogues for Thailand and Cambodia. Also added photo pages for India and Thailand

05/11/2001 Added short travelogues for Thailand & Cambodia

01/11/2001 Added a couple of countries laos,Cambodia,Vietnam

28/10/2001 Added edited e-mails, photos and links to the India Page.

Argentina - Bas Relief.jpg (211158 bytes) Iglesia de San Francisco

Argentina - Eva Peron's vault.jpg (128725 bytes) Eva Peron's Family Vault Link to info

Argentina - Iglesia de San Francisco.jpg (115730 bytes) Iglesia de San Francisco

Argentina - Iguazu Falls.jpg (89759 bytes) Iguazu Falls Link to info

Argentina -Iguazu falls - La Gorganta del Diablo Anne and Brian.jpg (123557 bytes) More Iguazu Falls, with the travellers

Argentina -Iguazu falls - La Gorganta del Diablo.jpg (81615 bytes) "La Gorganta del Diablo" The Devil's Throat

Argentina - Somebody dead.jpg (116204 bytes) Haven't a clue????????????????