Greetings from Finola

Hi, my name is Finola. I come from Dublin and live in Ramsgrange, Co. Wexford. My involvement with Grace Dieu began many years ago and now I am delighted to be part of the Team. I enjoy being with people and this is where I get my energy. Through the years I have been involved in accompanying people at different stages on their life journey – with young people through teaching, chaplaincy, youth ministry and religious education and - with adults through teaching and training for ministry, retreat work, spiritual accompaniment and group supervision. My experience in Grace Dieu offers many opportunities to be with people in a sacred, nourishing and caring environment. Being part of a great team with Con, John and Mike is enjoyable, enriching and inspiring I hope you get a chance to come to Grace Dieu and to experience and enjoy all that it offers. To email me click here Finola Cunnane