Our Labyrinth

On the 31st March 2000 after months of planning and preparation a 24 foot
octagonal Labyrinth was installed in Grace Dieu. The Labyrinth is a simple
seven path design, painted on canvas. It's presence is causing a great deal
of interest and visitors to the Retreat Centre have commented on the
profound nature of their experience of walking this most wonderous of
symbols. Individuals have described feeling from being focussed, centred
to profoundly challenged. From its conception this Labyrinth has been a
labour of love and prayer with the inital construction of its octagon shape
being generously provided by Sr Gabrielle and the Poor Clare Community,
Ennis, Co. Clare. With the completion of the cloth Helen O'Keeffe a Dublin
based artist translated the design from paper to cloth. We would like to take
this opportunity to thank Helen, Gabrielle and everyone who helped to bring
the Labyrinth to Grace Dieu.





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