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06.10.07 There is a temporary preservation order on the monument at Rath Lugh.
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09.08.07 The excavation of Lismullen henge is begun. The next step will be its destruction. Please write to your local TD and/or government ministers as well as the media in your area to protest this action.

15.06.07 The Irish government has ordered the demolition of the prehistoric henge at Lismullen.

29.05.07 Volunteers urgently needed at Tara. NRA bulldozers have flattened the site discovered at Collierstown and have moved to Bagnalstown.

01.01.07 Emergency: volunteers needed at Tara. Spread the word at home and abroad: tree felling has begun at Tara and a national monument is under direct threat. Read more here: Tara Watch

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