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Faking Of Israeli Photo:
The Smoking Gun Evidence 7th Feb. 2003 12:30 GMT

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Columbia coverup attempt

Locations for faked photo
Location1 Maariv Agency
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I had a showdown yesterday with Jeff Rense. It was over the issue of this faked
Columbia shuttle photo --released four
days ago by Israeli news agency Maariv,
and prominently featured by his popular
Internet website The email
exchange ended with Jeff Rense refusing
to question the authenticity of the photo.
Big mistake.
Because this is smoking gun proof that it's
a fake.
Not just opinion --but an undeniable analysis which shows it fake beyond doubt and
shows exactly how it was done.

Leaving this question: Why would they bother trying to deceive us about this? Why indeed.

You get an overview of the major anomalies in our basic zoom animation, or the larger animation we also prepared. Now let's
reconstruct how the photo was fabricated.

The faked photo has five major features:

1 The Sphere
2 The Clouds
3 The Space Intersection
4 The Shuttle Texture
5 The Hole

We will examine these features and then

in on finer details --to deconstruct this fake.

Your suggestions on what I missed or may
have got wrong would be appreciated. eMail

1 The Sphere

That light blue curve delineates a sphere behind those clouds. It's the closest thing to a real globe in the image. To it's right is a deep blue triangle, which in the prime image, covered the entire area around that sphere. That's what the fake photo creators started with: a light blue sphere on a dark blue background.

Taking a closer look at the triangle which is the only part of the deep blue background we can still see, you notice that a line has been drawn which angles down at around 55 degrees to the horizontal. The purpose of the line was to mark off the area to it's right for the yellow textured area.

The two don't quite match up, so you get an effect similar to the color bleed seen in poor quality lithographic reproduction. But it's not a litho effect --it's just due to poor lining up between the pre-drawn line and the textured area.

But that line was the third element added. First the clouds were overlaid on the sphere and background. Let's see...

2 The Clouds

Time to use your imagination ! Just picture those clouds extending under the "shuttle" all the way to the right hand side of the image. Here's a quick botch I did to give you the idea.

Yes, I know it's a pathetic effort. But this stuff's hard. Especially when you are under time pressure. Just ask the photo fakers! They know. Give me a break. :)

Well..., early in the construction, the image was clouds --all the way-- in the lower half of the image. I mean ALL the way. Down into that black space I just covered. This image was starting to look good, back then. Scroll back up to the numbered image --to picture the effect in it's full glory.

The 55 degree line was only drawn in after adding the clouds, in order to mark off the area where the "shuttle" was to go.

3 The Space

A bad error here. At normal view this looks fine, but zoom in and you clearly see the black area is overlapping the yellow. It should have been aligned correctly with the 55 degree line, but it comes across it by a few pixels.

This was pretty inexcusable as the black space was the easiest to get right. A curved line was placed over the cloud area first, and made to look like the horizon of the Earth by filling in. The three should have intersected properly but instead it's a big giveaway.

4 The Shuttle

Adding the "shuttle" texture in was where this image started to go all wrong. The yellow speckles all over the clouds here seem to indicate a color match was used. Texture is overlaid by matching against either existing hue, RGB value or brightness.

It always messes up, and you need that 55 degree line to stop it blending the whole image. The line was thickened here too.
This is very difficult to get right. Whatever went wrong you can see the evidence here and it probably explains the dark area to cover the worst mistakes.

5 The Hole

What else could you call it? Through here you can see an area which has same hue and appearance as the cloud to the left.

Here also, where the 55 degree line runs down --just to it's right, is some blue/green background under the yellow texture. This feature shows up along much of the length of the line.

Zoom Details

Yet another problem. To understand why, you have to know how the software in a digital paint program works.

An effect like that line, must be painted on using a 'spray can' feature, because drawing a straight line would be entirely unconvincing. So, what happens in the depths of the software when you arc your hand along a photo as you spray?

The program subroutine will compute a pixel by pixel transformation to generate the image you see on the screen.
The super-zoom detail in our photos shows you what actually happens. As your hand moves, the software computes the new color of the specific pixel across which you are moving and the pixels around that pixel. The new color will depend on the existing color of each pixel before you start.

It does so, by selecting a grid box as tall and wide as your current spray can setting. Paint programs let you choose the size of the spray. If your current choice is a rectangular spray 5 pixels by 5 pixels, that means that as you move, the software is evaluating a 25 pixel grid around the specific pixel you are over at any time.

The key point is this: each pixel in that 25 pixel grid will be altered slightly -depending on the current spray settings. The software starts in the top left corner of the 5x5 grid box and works line by line to the bottom right corner.

Because every pixel will be altered --even the ones at the corners of the box a distance from the visible line-- that leaves an unmistakable pattern of boxes that follow the arc of the line. Just as you see in our super-zoom reproductions of the Maariv photo. And the process leaves gaps where your movement was jerky. Seen also.

The images shown are BMP (Bit Mapped Pixel) from the original 53k image --to avoid GIF or JPEG distortions.

Finally. let's note that the name of the JPEG on Maariv was Columbia%20comp.jpg. The %20 is the ASCII Code for a blank space, and comp......means composite. Exactly !

Back where
we started,
but wiser.

Starting at 1 with the Sphere and it's deep blue background, we see that 2-Clouds and then a 55 degree line were added -but it all got messy at the 3-Space Intersection.

Then the 4-Shuttle Texture was added or dropped in but somehow left a 5-Hole. Finally the "cracks" were added --which the Zoom shows were most certainly digitally created

I'm sure it could have been done better, but when the pressure is on, mistakes occur. Better luck next time NWO.

Fintan Dunne, Editor eMail
Tel: Intl+353-85-732-8141


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With comiserations to Jeff Rense for not getting the picture;

And grateful thanks to
Steve Myers

for being first to front-page
the story on gut instinct even
before this part was written.
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