1st August


Drumboe Wood.


Dull but warm.

Two shots of a new rust - Puccinia circaeae. This is specific to Enchanters Nightshade.


Red Bartsia - Odontites vernus - is a semi-parasitic plant that grows on the roots of other plants and steals their nutrients.

This is a female Tipula maxima - or Daddy Long Legs. Hmm...a female daddy longlegs...this needs sorting out.


The Bluebells have properly gone to seed, now.


After the yellow flowers of the Tutsan, we have the green berries. It appears that nothing eats these...which is interesting given the healing properties of the leaves.

The avalanche starts. This is Russula delica - a very common fungus that I haven't seen before. About 8 cm across, it stinks of rotting fish.


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