14th August


Original Hedgerow.


Dull with heavy showers.

Greater Willowherb is very localised on the patch, but it seems to be expanding in all of its current locations. This area had just a dozen or so plants 3 years ago.

Ichneumons are now searching high and low for their hosts. They run very quickly over flowers and seedheads with the antennae rapidly flickering. I watched a female scanning Hardheads for quite a while last night. She constantly flew from head to head, quickly spinning in a circle. She appeared to have no idea of which heads she had visited before.

The Common Nettle - Urtica dioica - has flowered again. Female of the left and male on the right.



Most of the Foxgloves have gone to seed, but this one has decided to start flowering again. Interestingly, it is in the exact location where the first specimen flowered this year.

I know it's an escape, but the Montbretia is certainly well-established in the county. It is often found far from habitation, so it's either wind-spread or bird-carried.


Just another shot of a lurking Harvestman.


Tutsan berries are now red. Only black to come, now.

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