19th August


Drumboe Woods.


Sunny intervals.


Probably my favourite Hoverfly - Leucozona glaucia. They are in reduced numbers this year - as are all the hoverflies except, perhaps, for Eristalis spp. This is probably due to the relatively cold April and May that we had this year.


This tiny (2 cm wingspan) moth, the Small Fan-footed Wave - Idaea biselata - is another macro moth that is smaller than many micro-moths.

Quite a few mines, today. This appears to be Amauromyza labiatarum on Bugle. 


I can't find one that looks exactly like this, but it should be a Stigmella (moth) species, I think. On Oak. Latest suggestions indicate that this mine is Stigmella roborella. If that turns out to be the case, then this is a first record for Ireland. I need to find a tenanted mine to confirm the identification.


This one has been tentatively identified as Profenusa pygmaea - a Sawfly. Also on Oak, but perhaps Turkey Oak. Another specimen was found on a more conventional Oak species.


A tiny solitary bee, a female Lassioglossum spp.

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