20th August


Fungi from Drumboe Woods.


Sunny intervals.

Last year I photographed the first modern specimen of Leccinum holopus in Ireland. This specimen was within a few centimetres of the same location. The cap skin shows the same cellular construction, so I'm happy to call this Leccinum holopus, too. Cap about 12 cm across.



This is Lycoperdon perlatum - a puffball. Lycoperdon translates literally as Wolf Fart. Presumably this is a reference to the spore distribution which is carried out via a hole in the upper surface which puffs clouds of spores into the atmosphere.


And this is Scleroderma citrinum, an earthball. Earthballs don't puff spores via a hole, they just degrade and break up, allowing their spores to be distributed from the exposed interior. About 6 cm. across.


This is Trametes versicolour, commonly known as Turkey Tails. I've seen this in brown, blue, yellow, green, purple, cream, orange and white.

So well named.

These young specimens are about 4 cm across.

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