24th August


Approach to high deforestation.


Mostly sunny, but heavy showers.

Marsh Cudweed - Gnaphalium uliginosum - grows on bare soil; often on the green strip in the middle of a lane. The flowers are tiny - about 3 mm across.


Hoverflies and bees appear not to be put off by the pale version of Devilsbit Scabious. This is Eristalis pertinax - probably my most common hoverfly.

And this is Bombus pascuorum - the Common Carder Bee (in fact probably my most common Bumblebee) - on a 'conventional' Devilsbit.

As soon as the showers start, the Peacocks just find a spot on the ground, close their wings and wait it out. The underside of the wings is great camouflage on a woodland floor, but quite useless on a stone track.

Just as I was down taking the Peacock, I spotted this gall on the Eared Willow leaf. The gall appears to have killed the part of the leaf to the outside. Probably made by a Pontania sp. gall-fly.

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