23rd August


Approach to high forestry.


Mostly sunny.

Second generation Peacocks are very numerous this year.

At any one time, I could count 20 or 30 in view. These three kindly landed near each other to give some idea of the numbers.

I'm finding lots of mines at the moment. Must be because I'm looking for them. This appears to be Parornix fagivora - a micromoth. The next step in development is for the larva to make a leaf-edge mine and roll the leaf edge into a tube. I'll have to watch out for those.

I'm sure this dot on the Beech leaf must be fungal, although no beech-specific fungus looks like this.



This is a very common sight on our Bramble leaves. I've never seen any insects or larvae eating those pale windows, but they remind me very much of the damage caused by Willow Leaf Beetle, so maybe this is made by another leaf beetle.


I'm trying to get a decent shot of the flowers of the larger Juncus species. Focussing is very difficult.

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