4th September


Short visit to Lough Erne.

A lot of new species for the site.

A glorious day.

Two new plants for the site.Brookweed - Samolus valerandi - on the left and Purple Loosestrife - Lythrum salicaria - on the right.


A few flower images and the leaves of  Water Figwort - Scrophularia auriculata.



The image on the left is a new Hoverfly - Arctophila superbiens. I have added a shot of Bombus pascuorum for comparison.



Another new plant - Broad-leaved Helleborine - Epipactis helleborine - an orchid. The specimen had almost gone to seed. Only the terminal flower was left.

And finally, a stunning picture of masses of Melanostoma scalare hoverflies, all killed by the Entomophthora muscae fungus. There are 20 in this picture, but every grass seedhead in the area was covered in them. The pink fungus is obvious on the top-right hoverfly.

More from Lough Erne tomorrow.

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