5th September


More from Lough Erne.


A glorious day.

This is a fungus that you should learn to identify from a distance - Amanita phalloides - the Death Cap. This was a fairly small specimen, only 5 cm. across the cap.

Lethally poisonous.


This is Lacrymaria velutina - the Weeping Widow. Very common in many areas around here.



Pendulous Sedge - Carex pendula - has to be the easiest Sedge to identify. The stems are up to 2 metres long, and the seedheads reach 25 cm.

I hadn't seen this mine on Angelica before. It looks like Phytomyza angelicae - an Agromyzid fly.



This mine on Meadowsweet is interesting. It starts off as a gallery (the dark section on the leaf midrib) and then becomes like a blotch mine. Agromyza sulfuriceps - another Agromyzid fly.

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