8th September


High deforested area.


Rain most of the day.

Many fungi need microscopic analysis for accurate identification, but this is one species that I don't need to examine - Suillus flavidus - a rare species found only in association with Scots Pine. I made the first Irish record exactly a year ago in two adjacent locations. This year I have found it in 7 locations, ranging over 1 kilometre, so it looks like it's spreading. All specimens in moss under Pine.

The very slimy cap and large, yellow, angular spore tubes are the first indicators. Cap on this specimen about 6 cm.


The red/brown jelly ring is another sure sign. The whole fungus is very slimy all over, and is very attractive to flies whos larvae destroy most specimens very quickly.


This is an Entoloma sp. Also growing on moss - about 3 cm across the cap.


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