17th September


Prehen Wood, Co. Londonderry.

A fungal foray that delivered more than expected.

Dull and cool.

Here's your clue about the 'extra' specimen. A Hazelnut eaten in a particular way.


The woods were full of these Mycena pura. These specimens were larger than I had seen before - about 5 cm across the cap. Smell strong, of radish.


A nice, dark Russula under Beech. Cap about 4 cm. across.


There were many of these red Lactarius, too. Id to follow.

A couple of shots of a new Amanita. Id to follow.    

And another Amanita - Amanita excelsa, showing the striate ring that separates it from Amanita pantherina - The Panther. Said to be edible, but given the extreme similarity to the Panther, I'll give it a miss.

And here's the Hazelnut eater - a Red Squirrel. Prehen wood has a colony of these which are fed daily by a bunch of dedicated volunteers. That's the first Red I've seen since I was a child.


Finally, this Dung Beetle was wandering around. About 2 cm. long, and strikingly blue underneath.

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