16th September


High Heath.


Dull and cool.


This is Tremella mesenterica growing on a crust fungus - Penophoria - on gorse. Specimen about 2 cm. across.


Here's a better shot of the Buff Ermine moth caterpillar.

An Eristalis pertinax meeting its fate. By the time I chanced on this scene the hoverfly had been 'sedated' and the spider was feeding before the wrapping-up started. 


The seed in the background is Rosebay Willowherb.


I watched as the male spider (lower part of picture) carefully approached the larger female. He managed to touch one of her legs with his, then he tried a second leg. The instant he made the second contact she lunged at him. He dropped off the web in a flash. Presumably the males are prepared for very quick exits.

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