22nd September


A repeat visit to Drumboe Wood to check on the Amanita citrinum.


Showers for much of the day.


I was anxious to get the Amanita citrina before it was destroyed: It's on a busy public path and about 1m from the ground on a bank, so it won't be allowed to mature. A fine specimen.

Meanwhile, my daughter found a little patch of Hydnum repandum - the Hedgehog Mushroom. The lower picture shows the sporing spikes that give it its name. Edible and good.


There is a dead tree (Sycamore, I think) standing amongst other mature Sycamores. This bracket fungus was arranged in tiers stretching upwards as far as the eye could see. The under-shot is taken with flash, exaggerating the brown colour. Brackets up to 8 cm. across. Maybe a Panellus.


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