25th September


Edge of Lough Erne.


Heavy showers most of the day.

Lactarius torminosus is one of a number of outwardly similar Lactarius species. This has unchanging pink flesh, hot milk and is associated with Birch.


Lepista nuda - Wood Blewit - has a very aromatic smell and taste.


Two more fungi. Coprinus comatus - Lawyers wig on the left and Helvella crispa on the right. That completes my local set of 4 Helvellas.


A very pretty little Mycena on Thiudium tamariscinum moss.


A mature Cuckoo Pint - Arum maculatum.

Another push from the Spiny Sow Thistle, another plant that's in flower almost the whole year, now.


A nice little group of Mallard - 2 drakes and a duck.

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