26th September


High deforested area.


Heavy rain most of the day.


The few remaining larvae of the Lesser Willow Sawfly - Nematus pavidus - are moving quickly over the branches, presumably looking for somewhere to pupate.


I spotted this late specimen of Phratora vitellinae - the Bronzy Willow Leaf Beetle - causing the usual damage to the leaves. About 4mm long.


This red-legged fly was waiting or resting on an Alder leaf. No id.


A shot of Slippery Jack - Suillus luteus - showing the extremely viscid top surface. About 15 cm. across.

Quite a lot of fungi grow through grasses and sedges. Sometimes the leaf blades cut into the caps - almost like a cheesecutter.


Common Centaury is a very beautiful flower that appears to choose its locations very carefully. When I find one I find many, but those locations are far apart from each other, and many other apparently suitable habitats are ignored.

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