27th December


A frosty quiz! All images were taken yesterday in deciduous woodland, or on the approach path which is on acid heath. Some are very easy, one is incredibly difficult due to rarity, another is incredibly difficult due to being hidden by the frost. One species appears twice as the main answer. One species appears twice as the bonus point.

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Sub-zero all day.


1 and 2, just the main leaf in each case.


3 and 4.


5 and 6.


7 (just to show off) and 8 (the central leaf).


9 ( identify the round objects) and 10 (the most difficult, I think).


11 and 12 (a common species, but not always seen in this configuration)


13 and 14


15 (the central leaf) and 16 (name the tree)


A bonus point if you can identify the brown leaf which appears at the bottom of both 5 and 10.


1. Bramble

2. Beech

3. Male Fern

4. Foxglove

5. Opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage

6. Horse Chestnut

7. Phellodon tomentosus (just for show)

8. Creeping Buttercup

9. Alder Cones

10. Germander Speedwell (cruel, I know)

11. Hard Fern (sterile shoot)

12. Viviparous Toad Rush

13. Wild Strawberry

14. Gorse

15. Devilsbit Scabious

16. Alder

17. Winter Heliotrope

18. (bonus) Greater Woodrush

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