31st December


Another 2000 images, 450 pages and 100mb for 2005. 650 species and 1900 indexed entries in the Species Index. Two new species for Ireland and countless new records for Co. Donegal.

So what do I do for 2006? Firstly I have a new SLR camera, the Canon EOS 350d. That should help to further improve the quality of my images. I also plan to be a little more focussed in my hunting: I missed several photographs due to lack of planning/preparation, so more of my searching will be directed in 2006, rather than speculative. That should make the site more comprehensive.

Two new features for 2006:

  • Each day will have a link to the same date in 2005 - 'This day last year". That will give some possibilities for comparison.

  • The Species Index for 2005 will continue into 2006, thereby becoming a cumulative Species Index from January 2005 onwards.

To Gill, Howard, David, Angus and Malcolm and many others, my thanks for support, education, help, encouragement, identifications and ideas.

I have made extensive use of Google, Yahoo Groups and Bioimages for identifications and references.

It's hard to let go of something that's been this close to my heart all year, but here's looking forward to 2006....

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