28th February


Overall situation at end of February.

Plants are all later than last year, which is to be expected, since we have had more nights of frost this winter. No open Willow catkins, yet, although the Willows have taken on that 'olive look' from a distance. March should see early flowers appearing.

Frogspawn is out, but again roughly a week later than last year. Newts are still deep in hibernation: their overnight shelters are still empty.

Blackbirds and Songthrushes are singing and the Rooks have paired off and are looking at nesting locations. One or two have started picking up twigs. Robins and Wrens are seen daily in the hedgerows, and Buzzards can frequently be heard in their usual locations. The Steeple Ravens are patrolling their patch, loudly announcing the appearance of any people or dogs.

Ladybirds have emerged from hibernation and a single Eristalis hoverfly was recorded towards the end of the month. One or two moths have come to light.

A fox was seen crossing the path in the forestry.

So everything is a little later than last year (with the exception of the Eristalis), but still earlier than would have been 'normal' pre-warming.

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