31st March


Verge to the north of Raphoe.

It looks like Spring has arrived after a rather cold March. I reckon that we're about 3 weeks behind last year at this point, but the winter was a little colder with more nights of frost.

April should bring Swallows and a few resident butterflies, although I have just heard of an influx of migratory butterflies and moths in the south of Ireland and England, so who knows what we'll see.

Sunny then heavy rain.

Thale Cress - Arabidopsis thaliana - tends to grow tucked in at the base of walls.


Although the Wood Anemone - Anemone nemorosa - tends to grow in shaded woodland, it sometimes appears on open verges with no nearby trees.


A couple of flies for the record. A male Melanostome mellinum (hoverfly), and a Lesser Dungfly on Coltsfoot.



Butterbur - Petasites hybridus - has appeared suddenly. It likes to grow on disturbed verges, so often appears on new ditches/culverts.

The first leaves have opened on the Hawthorn.


This moss - Funaria hygrometrica - is very distinctive with its tightly-coiled sporing shoots.

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