21st February


I got a new camera yesterday, so I took it up to the original hedgerow to see what I could find. One or two species have already been shown, but the new pictures are a little better.

Two Lesser Celandine shots - one extremely close-up.



The primrose is much later this year than last. This is the first (and so far only) one on the patch.

Two from the old wall. Field Speedwell on the left, and Hairy Bittercress on the right.



The Pussy-willow didn't open until 17th March last year, so this is nearly a month earlier.

Two from the Hawthorn hedge, this time. The Barren Strawberry (not a strawberry at all, but a Potentilla) on the left, and two fine brown-spored mushrooms on the right. The Potentilla is a full month earlier than last year.


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