17th March


A bright and sunny day, after early showers. Most of the pictures were taken in the forestry, although the Wood-Sorrel was on the original hedgerow (it flowers there first).

Two pictures showing the opposite ends of the growth cycle. On the left, bud break for the Hawthorn (most aren't even showing, yet), and on the right last year's Beech-Mast case.


There is an old Hawthorn precariously balanced at the top of a bank leading down to a stream. It is literally covered in lichens.

A troup of Cladonia chlorophaea. (About 8cm across)

Thelotrema lepadinum (new 10km square record !)

A very pale crustose lichen with round lipped fruiting bodies. Sample about 6 cm across.

This is the first flower of the Wood Sorrel. Quite appropriate for St. Patrick's day.

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