23rd March


Much better weather, today, so a little journey to the north of the patch. Small wooded area next to a stream. I also upgraded the list page by adding separate lichen and moss pages.


Firstly, a picture of the Ribes from the original hegerow. I know it's not indigenous, but it forms an important part of the hedgerow landscape around here.

The new area to the north of the patch is in a very unpopulated, clean-air area. So plenty of new lichens:


I was taking the photo of the very interesting pale lichen when I spotted the orange crustose one in the background. When I was choosing the images, I also spotted the green lichen in the foreground! The pale specimen is about 2 cm across.


This round lichen was growing on the mortar making up a bridge across the stream. Image is about 4 cm across, and the  image on the right is a close-up of the fruiting bodies in the centre of the specimen.


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