6th March


Back to the original hedgerow, today. A great deal to show.

    It looks like a hen Starling was caught short. This egg was lodged in the lower branches of the Hawthorn. There was no nest within 50 metres of this location. (The spots on the egg are dust)

The Dandelions are in full force, now - the verges are yellow. In some cases the yellow is caused by swathes of Lesser Celandine.


Two birds from the same Beech tree. On the left the Goldfinch (a poor picture, but a bird greatly on the increase here), and on the right the Missel Thrush.


The old wall continues to provide support for lichens and mosses.


Two pictures from the stream. On the left, one of my 'busy' pictures. I saw Lesser Celandine, Dandelion, Creeping Buttercup, Opposite leaved Golden Saxifrage and a Liverwort in the upper right corner. On the right the Watercress is shaping up nicely.


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