30th August


High Heath.


Dull with showers.


The remains of a freshly-killed bird were found on the path. The predator is easy to identify as a Sparrowhawk from the two large wing-feathers at the location. Must have been quite a struggle.


The first of a large number of victims of the fungus Entomophthora muscae. A female Melanostoma scalare hoverfly.

This head of grass had five corpses.

And this had six.

The grass is Purple Moor-grass - Molinia caerulea.


I decided to make a survey of the grass specimens from 20m of the path. The result was 78 dead hoverflies, all female Melanostoma scalare. That is quite a toll on a single species in such a small space.

Suillus flavidus has emerged in its only known location outside a small area of Scotland. This is a real rarity.


The spore tubes are complex, with multiple sub-tubes in each.


Suillus luteus - Slippery Jack - is a much more familiar (and larger) fungus.

Both fungi are Scots Pine associates.

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