1st May


Original hedgerow...sunny but very cold wind.

6 Green-veined Whites.


The Marsh Marigold is locally known as the Mayflower, so I kept this picture from yesterday, just for the occasion.


This Bugle is very close to flowering. It's a few days behind last year.

This is a male Green-Veined White. At this time of year - just after appearing - they are very flighty, so this was a telephoto shot. Sitting on Bramble. I notice in passing the tiny spot of Bramble Rust - a fungus - just to the left of the butterfly.


And lastly for today, a smallish caterpillar on the Nettle. About 2 cm long, with short orange hairs, longer black hairs and very long white hairs.

It's the Garden Tiger Moth. (Thanks, Trevor)

If you look carefully at the Nettle leaf-tips, you can see the tiny spikes with the irritant in tiny sacs at their base.

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