11th August



Original Hedgerow

Foggy, then bright.


Two shots from the Hedgerow. The moth on the left is the Shaded Broad-Bar. On the right you can see a ripe fruit of the Snowberry.


Two airborne seeds. On the left, the Spear Thistle (with attendant Bumblebee) and the seeds of the Rosebay Willowherb just flying on the right.


This so-called Artichoke Gall on the Oak is caused by Andricus fecundator, a gall wasp.

The very little (15mm.) bee was gathering pollen in sacs under the wings. You can just see the orange colouring. The pink flower in the background is Red Bartsia.


This caterpillar under the Alder behaved very strangely. It kept curling into a circle when disturbed. It's the larva of the Alder Sawfly - Eriocampa ovata. About 15 mm. long.

Thanks to Carl for the id.

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