22nd July


Back to the local quarry.


Click here to see Kirsty's page for today's trip.


Sunny and dry.

On the way through the field I spotted this Common Mouse Ear. Nothing special, but as I cropped the image I spotted this tiny wasp (right image). Based on the flower size, the wasp is about 3 mm long.


I found this Mouse-Ear Hawkweed for the first time on the patch. The colour is a very distinctive lemon yellow. Plant about 15 cm tall, single flower head.


It was very windy, today, so we saw very few insects flying. Most were clinging onto grasses, or landed on the ground. This is the female Black Darter - a Dragonfly.

I've been trying for some time to get a good shot of the Knotgrass flower. The sample on the left is about 4mm across. On the right is the Red Bartsia, a semi-parasitic plant.


Since the wind was high, I decided to concentrate on non-moving objects. Lichens fit the bill rather well.

The first two samples are roughly 5 cm across.

Lecanora intricata on the left and Rhizocarpon petraeum on the right.


These two specimens might be Porpidia tuberculosa. More investigation required.

This was roughly 10 cm across.

And this grey-rimmed one about 7cm.


Finally, today, another Badger print. I'm always impressed with the length of the claws.

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