13th February


A new (to me) area of deforestation about 6 km. west of the town.


Bright but breezy.


First frogspawn of the year. I heard the frogs before I saw them. The noise they make when mating usually reminds me of a distant chainsaw. There were dozens of frogs in a little pond: It looked as if the water was boiling.


I suppose this is a Fox path, leading out of the remaining piece of forestry.

Cladonias attract me like almost no other family. These were growing alongside mosses, and a couple of them are full of water. Cups about 8mm. across.

Two more lichen pictures: A crustose species with distinct orange colouration - Lecidea lithophila - and a Peltigera didactyla covered in orange fruit-bodies.


These are, I think, the fruitbodies of another lichen. The only species I've seen that looks remotely like this is Baeomyces rufus. The pink fruit-bodies are between 1 and 3 mm. across. Towards the top left of the picture is a circular specimen of Arthrorhaphis grisea.


A bit of a mystery day for me. This is a new moss to me - about 1cm. diameter at the fruiting tips.

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